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Phemnick Legal Center LLC

Immigration Lawyer

Hunt Valley, MD

Call Now: (443) 857-6451

Those residing in and around the Hunt Valley region have many options out there when considering choosing a representative to help them with their visa and immigration issues. If you wish to retain the services of an immigration lawyer that will get the job done with skill and efficiency then look no further. We feel we can offer you the very best when it comes to immigration and visa services.

Our main immigration specialist is an immigrant himself who before becoming a lawyer and member of the ABA experienced first hand what it’s like dealing with our immigration system and today he is able to use that plus more than a decade of U.S. immigration law to offer our clients optimal service in this regard.

In addition, we offer a full complement of other skilled legal services including Tax, Family, Corporate and Property just to name a few. We are relentless in our advocacy for our clients and making sure that their interests are represented and defended vigorously. Call today to set up a consultation or visit our main website.

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